Friday, March 13, 2009

Alyssa and Brian's Engagement Session, Santa Rosa Rural Cemetery

Today's featured shoot is extra special to me, as it's my sister-in-law (Devon's sister, Alyssa) and her fiance (Brian)'s engagement session. I am so happy for these two! Besides being family, they are some of our closest friends, and I just love them so. Plus, they're cute as heck, with shades of goth/ horror film/ steampunk/ Victorian times... etc. The wedding is going to be so rad!

We had talked about doing the shoot in a variety of places, but when it came time to do it, everyone was tired, it was supposed to rain, and the easiest idea ended up being the loveliest: a beautiful, old cemetery close to their house. The light was gorgeous - that late winter, late afternoon light trickling through 100 year old oak trees - and the cemetery is filled with green plant life and cracked and faded tombstones, railings, etc. I used to walk through it when we lived closer, but had never done a shoot there, so this was perfect. I love graveyards!

Cute glasses portrait:

I love these!

Alyssa is so pretty and photogenic.

And, oh, there was so much smooching going on! I didn't even have to ask them to kiss for the camera, they were all over it. One of the (many) things I love about my husband and his family, is that they are not afraid to show how much they love you! These guys are huggers... and it has definitely rubbed off on me in great ways :)

This shot makes me laugh:

Brian is a photographer himself - mostly crime scene-inspired horror shoots - and Alyssa collaborates with him as makeup artist, prop mistress, stylist, etc. I think Brian prefers to be behind the camera, but he did a great job and was very patient with me. He even helped carry my gear, and I got these shots of him that I just love:

A few more location-specific crypt shots that make me think of a dramatic old movie:


And, romantic:

There is something about an umbrella that I just love. I think it has to do with the home-family-protection metaphor. Funny, because I hardly ever remember to use one when it's raining!

I love this shot because it reminds me of photos of Alyssa as a little girl... caught off guard and lost in her own world, but still very cute. And when I look at photos of her as a little girl, I think of what a little girl might look like if Devon and I ever have one. And I get all mushy and lovey inside! :)

Thank you thank you for being so fun and adorable!

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