Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Spring is starting to appear...

During the (relatively) quieter shooting season, I am having lots of fun working on shoots of my own. Today I just have these three random images of lovely hints of spring and nice weather appearing at our house over the past few weeks. It's now back to off and on raininess, but I'm enjoying the sunshine, the random blossoming flowers, and nice walks when I can get it!

Some flowering branches in our yard - is this a cherry tree? Does that mean we'll get cherries, or is it just decorative?

Devon peeking out of his office, me peeking in with my camera:


justducky said...

oooh, pretty pink blossoms...maybe cherries, you know who might know is your cousin, Constie, she has REAL cherry trees.

MLE said...

Since you're in Sonoma County it might be a cherry but it's more likely a plum, possibly a Santa Rosa plum (they grow all over the place!)