Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Editorial Portfolio

After many months of revisions, shoots, and finessing, I am wrapping up my editorial/ lifestyle photography portfolio. Woooo!

I'm having it printed in a similar style to the engagement/ guest books and "Japan album", art book style wedding books. I love these books and have a few printed samples, so holler if you'd like to see them.

Next up: a brand new www.jessamynharris.com (so say goodbye to the old one!), coming very soon!

Edited to add that when I asked a photographer friend to critique my portfolio, she sent me an email so nice that I almost cried:

"are you ready??

I'm only going to say this once...

Your talent and your work is so stunning and so amazing I feel honored that you're my friend.
I aspire to see the world through your eyes.
All you have to do is match your confidence with your talent and when those two meet you'll rocket to fame.
And I really, really, really mean it.


p.s. I would not change one thing on your slideshow - I think it is READY for the world to see!"

Thanks Megan! You are awesome!!

1 comment:

a smithy said...

Upon viewing your outtasite pictorial,my body could not decide whether to rise off the computer chair in wild applause OR to fall off the chair from divine exhaustion.

Having done neither, I've decided to shout from the mountaintops to let the world (those unfortunate ones who haven't seen your work) know what an unbelievably awesome (for lack of a better word) photographer you are!