Wednesday, July 25, 2007


same question, different answer:

I am around page 600 and am terrified of spoilers. But I don't wanna finish it... sniff...

A big sign of geekiness, I think, is comparing events in real life to events in the book... suffice to say that a local bank got robbed right while I was reading Chapter 26...


Richard Lee said...

I'm around p335. Got the book hand-me-down from Rosa who finished it the day after it was released. Apparently a few of her friends got the book at midnight and finished it on the release date... crazy. If you ever wanted to geek out about "Undesirable #1", drop her an email :)

mmmnpr said...

Oh, my gosh!! (geek speak)
Read for 2 days straight.I'm so depressed.

Had to finish before the teenage spoilers at the stables. Turned out not one had read it!!
They wait for the movies.

At least one K, is borrowing my copy!