Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Marin County Fair date

Last Tuesday, Dev and I drove down to San Rafael for a wonderful fair date! Everyone I told was surprised by this, but I really love fairs and amusement parks. I'm terrified of most roller coaster-y rides, which I guess is why they were surprised. But I just love the people watching; the unique fair smells and sights and sounds; and I do love some of the rides as well (the Wacky Worm is terrifying enough for me). We had a magnificent time!

First off we went on the Giant Wheel - it's a HUGE Ferris Wheel. The funny thing is, I love these kinds of rides, and never ever want to go upside down, while Devon loves things like the Zipper and anything that goes fast and upside down... yet he does not feel safe on Ferris Wheels or on Sky Cabs or anything like that. However, my fear of roller coasters makes me want to cry and throw up, whereas his discomfort on the Ferris Wheel is incredibly mild.

Lookit how cute he is!

From the top, we could see the start of K.C. and the Sunshine Band's set (we missed the Village People, though). Jammin'!

Okay, so I'm not really scared but... it's pretty high up and pretty creaky.

A (not much) closer look at K.C. - who had great showmanship, by the way.

A picture of our boogie shoes (classic songs):

For some reason there were sea lions. Cute, but so stinky:

We looked at the exhibitions, which Devon, in his rush to get to the Zipper every time, had never seen before. He was like, "this is totally awesome!". In my family, we dorkily entered all kinds of silly exhibitions in the Petaluma fair, so I was a little bored.

I guess there was an aquatic theme this year...

Every time I go to a fair, I think, "this'll be great, I can eat all kinds of gross yummy fried foods!!!". Then I realize, they're JUST gross. And I go hungry (okay, I had a caramel apple).


Then Dev waited in line forever so he could go on the Zipper. I started getting super anxious just watching it go. How can he like that thing?! Poor guy, because I wouldn't go on it, he had to wait till there was another single rider. I did that crazy lady thing I do when he rides rides and I watch - talking to myself, going, "oh my god, how can he be liking this?! oh god is he okay?! oh boy" etc. And taking pictures to calm down.

He of course loved it and would've gone on again in a second.

There were some lovely fireworks but a TON of smoke!

Then we went on the "Yoyo" (those swings, wooooh!) and then it was time to go. Great date, great husband!

p.s. - I'm really proud of this shot as social commentary. Click on it for the whole slideshow!

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justducky said...

Sea Lions and Walrus's!

Your colors are brilliant.
Good work!