Thursday, February 28, 2008

another AGWPJA win!

I'm dashing out the door for a shoot, but I wanted to share that another image of mine placed in the latest AGWPJA contest - that's the "Artistic Guild of the Wedding Photojournalist Association". Kind of a mouth full, huh? :)

The best part is, the image is this lovely black and white, antique looking shot of Corinne! I've gotten wonderful feedback on these quick bridals I did while she was getting ready, and I adore them as well (though obviously I can't take any credit for how lovely she looks, that's all her and her parents' doing!). Thank you, Corinne!

I love these contests - they're very inspiring, and competitive. I feel honored to place.


WordyDoodles said...

Congratulations, Jessamyn!! You did such an amazing job with everything in this photo- the angle, the light, the timing, catching her expression. Corinne is very lucky to have such a beautiful, timeless picture to keep.

we're yelling said...

yahooooo for you!!