Monday, April 07, 2008

baby Lennon!, Harris-Smith party part 1, Petaluma, California

A few weeks ago, we had another get together with some family friends I grew up with. I was determined to see them all again, partly because they're great, and partly because they have a new addition - baby Lennon! She has got to be one of the most beautiful girls I've ever seen, and so sweet tempered that I could've carried her around all day. In fact, I kind of tried to, and my arm was sore the next day.

I mean, just look at this little face! Can you stand it? I guess she can be shy with new people sometimes, but she must've known me somehow because when I walked in, she looked at me and gave me her heart-melting grin and let me hold her right away. Love it!

She is about 7 or 8 months, and kept doing that awesome arm-flapping and leg-kicking thing that they do around that age... adorable little birdy! Plus, her g-ma sings her a song that makes her break into a HUGE smile every single time, I could not get enough of it.

Too much mashed yam...

Lennon was so well behaved and sweet, even with no nap, I could not believe it. She wasn't bothered by anything, and seems so intrigued by the world, which is something I love about spending time with little ones. Now, if only we could get her to let her poor mama sleep more than 3 hours a night!

More photos of the family day coming soon - but I felt the baby photos deserved their own post, cause, awwwwww.


she said...

who's cute!

Kacie Jean said...

Definitely a cutie!

My hubby is from Petalum -It's such a cute little town and I love visiting!

Were you using the 85 1.8 for these shots?

Jessamyn Harris said...

I was using the 50 f1.4 with my 5D, LOVE it!
That's so funny your husband is from Petaluma. I'm sure we know the same people (hard to escape in that small of a town). If you're ever up and would like to get some tea, let me know!