Monday, August 24, 2009

Justine of Cast Away in Yarn Market News!

By now, my blog readers will recognize my friend Justine from the many times she's been featured (and, no, we're not related - just redheads). I did a lifestyle BBQ shoot with her family a few years ago (which appeared in PDN magazine's 2008 Photo Annual), and I've done several shoots showcasing her beautiful Santa Rosa-based yarn shop, Cast Away. Recently I had the opportunity to do some more shots featuring Justine (and her sweet dog, Olive) in Cast Away - a few of which are running in the current issue of the trade magazine Yarn Market News!

Here is the full article - download it to read about Justine's process as she created the business (and see mention of our Portrait Day, too!).

Here are some other favorite shots from that day:

And some more details of her pretty, pretty shop:

I'm hoping to find the time for a 2 day Mini Portrait Weekend there this fall - let me know if you're interested!


plankface said...

i did mention that i am going to HAVE to visit this shop when i'm in town, right?

so gorgeous!

tiffany Fosnight said...

that dog is a riot!