Monday, February 15, 2010

Jessie and Ian, SF City Hall, Presidio Bowling Alley and Presidio Social Club, Part 1

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In mid-December I got a text from my friend Ian - "what are you doing on January 29th? Will you photograph our wedding?" - and I totally squealed with excitement. Jessie and I have been two Jessie-friends since we were very little girls in Petaluma, with matching mom-friends and older-sister-friends. Plus we have been hanging out lots again in the years since she and Ian had their adorable daughter, Lennon, and I'm getting all kinds of advice and hand me downs from Jessie about this kid. They've been together for as long as Devon and I (10 years!) and finally decided to officially get married at SF City Hall, just like we did. I love City Hall weddings, I love Jessie and Ian and their family, and I loved the idea of tagging along to their private ceremony followed by bowling and delicious dinner in the Presidio!

So even though it was a relatively mellow shoot day for me (mostly I bowled, hung out and ate), it was still impossible for me to narrow the images down to one reasonable blog post length - so here come two!

Getting ready - I've said it lots of times, if you're looking for makeup advice, I am NOT your girl. I tend to not wear any, ever, and like the natural-est look possible. That said, Jessie looked even more beautiful with just a touch.

Family friend Hannah looks serious but was having fun hanging out:

Little Lennon, hyped up on juice:

Me and Jessie like each others' parents lots (and our own). Here is her rad mom with the pretty pretty bouquet from Studio Choo in SF. It even had berries on it (which we joked about eating later when everyone was starving)!

Lennon is a little confused about where my baby is (she's told my stomach to open to let her see the baby at least once), and that has occasionally translated to a fear that I'm going to take her baby doll. There have also been some hand-me-downs that apparently were not given her approval, even though she's too big for them. So on the wedding day, she was telling me about everything "that's not for you, Jessamyn! That's not for your baby, Jessamyn!". This bouquet was also not for me.

Awww... so cute! Even prettier than we both thought Barbie and The Rockers were in the 80s.

Do I ever get tired of the beautiful architecture of this building? No, I do not.

Ian is a secret nice guy - a little macho and grumpy with lots of serious photo faces - so I was thrilled to capture how happy he was to marry his Jessie!

Watching your parents getting married can be confusing:

We got some beautiful blue sky before the rains started falling again. A fun drive down a touristy street and off for snacks!

More coming soon...

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