Monday, February 01, 2010

Nancy and Joe, Yountville Chapel and Villagio/ Vintage Inn, Yountville

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Nancy and Joe were married in a small, New Year's Eve wedding at the Yountville Chapel. I love these kinds of weddings, and I was so honored to be a part of it!

Here's the bride's brother helping by holding the bouquet:

While the church staff searched out a unity candle, Joe chimed in with some spontaneous piano playing:

This is an unusual shot, but I just loved the way the track lighting cast multiple shadows:

Holiday season weddings are so beautiful! Yes, I'm biased (we were married 12/15/05) but still.

Something about this funky painting on the wall really called to me:

This little girl was secretly a part of the wedding! What a cutie. She was snuggled safely in her carrier and didn't make a peep, and came out afterward to be a part of the family portraits.

Next we moved to the wintry vineyards behind the Villagio for some shots with the mustard. Vineyards in the winter aren't the green, grapey things people might think of when they think of Napa - but, to me, the mustard that often fills in between the vines in the late winter is one of the best parts of living near so many vineyards!

I love this shot because it reminds me of my own goofy husband!

Nancy and Joe both have beautifully blue eyes, and their outfits and accessories complemented them so well:

And Nancy owns a jewelry store - named - wait for it - Devon! - in New Jersey, where they live. So the blingy sparkles were numerous! I'm predisposed to love anything with the same name (and spelling) as my husband, not to mention things that shine so prettily.

And here's the little pup again:

Nancy and Joe, thank you so much for having me be part of your lovely wedding day! Come back to Napa anytime : )

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