Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Jessie and Ian, SF City Hall, Presidio Bowling Alley and Presidio Social Club, Part 2

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All of Jessie and Ian's parents grew up in San Francisco, and Jessie's sister Lauren married her longtime sweetheart Derek in one of my favorite-ever San Francisco weddings in the Presidio - so it made lots of sense to head down the 101 to make their wedding a whole fun San Francisco day. First of all, everyone was hungry, so we went for snacks at Ghirardelli Square. I staged this little shot of Jessie and Ian with multiple ice cream treats - but the truth is that Ian has more of a "meat" tooth than a "sweet" tooth, and no one can compete with the Jessies' appetite for sugar - so it was actually me sharing the Orange Freeze and Ice Cream Sundae with the bride. Yum!

Then it was off to the Presidio Bowl - a tiny but very fun little bowling alley, to celebrate with more family and friends.

This was one of the best things ever - various adults were helping Lennon "bowl" - she would help roll the ball down the lane, and it would always immediately go into the gutter. So every time I started to want to say, "oh, that's okay, good job!", but before I could, she would triumphantly jump up and down and clap her hands and shriek, like she had just bowled 10 strikes in a row. So cute! And a good lesson about just having fun and being glad you can roll the ball at all!

Pretty sisters!

I made Jessie snap this shot of me and the babe and the bowling ball. Surprisingly I was actually a much better bowler than normal with that extra weight behind me!

Quick shot of the bowling crew:

Then we went off to an amazing dinner at the Presidio Social Club - oh-so tasty! Delicious fancy American classics like fried chicken, fish, steak... And this very cool long table:

You can see how clearly stoked on his pork shoulder Derek is:

And the lemon meringue cake was delicious:

But led Lennon (who we mostly call "Lemon") to make these faces because of the sour factor:

After the entire table was practically crying with laughter, she caught on and started doing exaggerated faces on purpose - but those first ones were real! So so funny.

What a beautiful day and night! Thanks for letting me be the lazy, pregnant, eating-monster photographer on your very special day, Jessie and Ian! xoxo

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