Tuesday, February 12, 2008

service call in East Napa County with my dad

These photos are a few weeks old and I'm excited to finally have a chance to post them. On Martin Luther King, Junior Day, I joined my dad (who works on and sells large generators and pump equipment for vineyards and other agriculture - he's kind of a diesel genius) on a field call to a teeny tiny town's water treatment plant way out in East Napa County. When I was little, he would take me all over the wine country area on his service calls (so I've seen all kinds of random parts of famous wineries and vineyards). I've been pushing him to take me on some more, because I love the opportunity to see very rural areas I wouldn't normally visit. This was great! It was cold and rainy, but we still had fun (and we ate brownies, drank "funny water" minteral water, and teased each other).

We drove past Hubcap Ranch, which I had never seen before. So cool!

Then we drove down a little road past an old retreat, summer camp/ golf course kind of place. Apparently my mom (who grew up in Marin) would come up here with her family when she was young. Though the buildings are quite run down, someone is obviously pouring a LOT of money into it, and I'm curious to see what it will become.

Then we got down to work. Well, my dad did, while I wandered around and took photos.

Then we stopped at this crazy old junkyard:


justducky said...

See the Aetna Springs' building with turret and porch, behind the rotting building in the forefront?

That's where we had square dancing and played bowling in narrow lanes with wooden balls.

Lots of cool memories.

Anonymous said...

Boy howdy! Now that was a day out!
Ya'll come back,Hear?

Jessamyn Harris said...

is that your "rural Napa county" accent? :)