Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Jenny and Mike's Engagement Shoot, Oakland, California

Jenny and Mike were my third portrait of the weekend (and the day!) last Saturday in the East Bay, but I'm posting their photos first because, wow! Their wedding is in less than two months!

Anyway, Jenny and Mike shared their first kiss (um, hope it's okay to post that on my blog!) in the beautiful Oakland cemetery, so they wanted to get some photos kind of recapturing that day... without being overly goth or morbid. Luckily the cemetery is huge and gorgeous (I had never been before), so we chose a few locations to shoot at, focusing on the natural beauty of the area and the couple's love.

And, boy, do these guys ever love each other! They are so natural and comfortable together... and Mike couldn't stop gazing at beautiful Jenny and whispering sweet nothings to her. Awww...

I love the story of how they both ended up with engagement rings - Mike went without for several months, then told Jenny he wished he also had a way of letting ladies at the club (he's a DJ) know that he's taken. So she bought him his own, beautiful ring! I love that.

And, here's the tree where the magic first began...

I'm so happy we had the chance to do this (yay February portrait special!). I have so enjoyed getting to know these two, and can't wait to photograph their lovely wedding. Jennifer and Scott referred them to me, thanks you two! I'm looking forward to seeing you all again in April.

Please take a look at their whole slideshow - I had a tough time narrowing it down (again):


Smith Gallery Photography said...

loving those grass shots!

Laura Kay Photography said...

i love the last shot, it just feels peaceful, like when nothing else in the world matters. awesome that you could capture that moment for them.