Monday, February 18, 2008

more thank yous

I got this super sweet note from Corinne last week and just wanted to share a few highlights. It's great knowing how happy they are with my work for their fabulous wedding, since they flew me all the way out to NYC for the job!


thank you thank you THANK YOU!
what a nice surprise to come home from our honeymoon to your package of prints and little book! you are so kind and thoughtful and generous! (and talented!)...

i almost don't know where to start.... thank you for coming to nyc. thank you for bringing such great, positive energy (and hippie gum) to the wedding! thank you for doing SUCH a great job with the photos. really, they are even better than i imagined. i can't tell you how many compliments we've gotten from family and friends -- people have just been FREAKING on them!

An eloquent friend emailed me this:

The pictures are amazing! What a great photographer she is, and what
a terrific night for the both of you.
I guess this is what a photographer should do, but she really seemed
to capture who both of you are - your expressions, your emotions, your
joy - it was like she had known you for a lifetime, and as if she was
able to transpose the blur of an evening into shots which not only
froze time, but captured the depth of what we all saw and felt.

Which are my sentiments exactly, only i'm not as well spoken!
(And, I already asked him -- feel free to use it as a testimonial! His name is H. Daniel Murphy!)

Besides hearing how beautiful your photos came out, we keep hearing "we thought she was a friend of yours!" -- to which i now reply, "she is!"...

ok, i have to run, i need to eat dinner ... but i just can't say thank you enough. or tell you how amazing and talented you are enough! i really admire you doing your thing and doing it so well!

please keep in touch, and if you are ever in nyc again, give me a call!


WOW! Thank you, Corinne. You are so sweet and kind - you made me smile and giggle and tear up all at once!

I know you and Geoff with have a long happy life together, and I will definitely give you a call the next time I'm in New York. I hope Paris was fabulous!

PS - so many people have been oohing and aahing over your vintage hair and veil, and overall look. And I've already had a few people ask me if that's James Brown on my website!

Update: I just got another sweet response from my girl Sarah, and figured this testimonial post would be a good place to share it:

"It was such an honor and a pleasure to get to have our pictures taken by an artiste such as yourself. I usually hate having my picture taken, but you made me feel so comfortable, and i fully look 800 percent better than I usually do in photos in these. It was the best and I would buy myself portrait sessions every time I came home if I could. I really feel like these photos are going to be keepsakes for me and my family. You are incredible. So even though we have been all scattered and out of touch, we are so so so so so happy about the photos."

Aww! I can't figure out if it means more to me to have made someone I didn't know well before the photo session happy with it, or someone I have known well now for 12 (!) years to be so over the moon with them. I am just so grateful for both responses, and for the support they express, in every way. And I'm super happy that you guys love the work, hooray! Let me know if there's anything else I can do for you.


WordyDoodles said...

Wow- absolutely beautiful! You cannot imagine how much I've regretted that we'd already booked a wedding photographer by the time you did our engagement photos. But you're our family photographer for always!

MLE said...

Hi Jessamyn,

Thanks for the comment! The wedding is in Geyserville (where I grew up, well that and Cloverdale) but we do live in Denver and won't be in California in February. Thanks for the offer - if we were going to be there in February we'd definitely take you up on it! We'll only be there for about a week around the wedding (well, maybe closer to 10 days) and the wedding is March 29, so it would be the 31st or 1st of April before things calmed down enough to do a "day after"-type shoot. Definitely not February, and probably into your busy time.

I started reading IB around when you were eloping, so I remember being really excited when you posted your elopement photos. I think your work is amazing and wish we might have an opportunity to work with you at some point.

--mle aka pantalonesdelfuego

Christine Gacharna said...

wow, that first photo is really, really amazing to look at. timeless. interesting. I love it!