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Corinne and Geoff, the Foundry, NYC, December 21, 2007

Right after our anniversary weekend (and shoot) in Napa, and right before Christmas, Devon and I headed to NYC to shoot Corinne and Geoff's wedding! I was a little worried about how travel conditions would be during that time (yikes!) as well as weather... but everything turned out absolutely lovely. We stayed at a nice midtown hotel (the Millennium UN Plaza) with a fabulous view of the Chrysler building and the Empire State building (!), and I had the pleasure of taking Devon around Manhattan for his very first visit ever. Hooray!

I'll post our personal photos soon, but first I want to share Corinne and Geoff's wedding photos. I was recommended to them by Eric and Erika, an awesome NYC couple who got married here in Wine Country 2 years ago. Erika emailed me to ask if I knew of anyone in NYC who would be a good, non-cheesy wedding photographer for her best friend, and of course I promptly recommended myself! I WILL travel anywhere; have I mentioned that? I love to travel.

Here are some shots from Eric and Erika's wedding:

Anyway, Corinne and Geoff had been Eric and Erika's best couple (best man and maid of honor, respectively) at their wedding, so I had the chance to meet and photograph them, and knew how much fun their wedding would be. I was not disappointed! Corinne is gorgeous, Geoff is very handsome, and together they make an absolutely beautiful couple who radiate love and happiness. Well, see for yourself:

Here's the venue, the Foundry, where C&G got married. Technically it's in Long Island City, but since it's a less than 10 minutes' drive from Midtown, who's counting?

Corinne and Erika both made such gorgeous brides, and have the nicest, funnest personalities as well. Really easy to photograph!

Corinne's vintage veil, hairdo, and bright red lipstick made me think of something between a femme fatale and an innocent, sweet ingenue:

The bride got this bag, and her mom got an MOB one. So fun!

A few more getting ready shots I love:

Someone sneaking an early favor!

Their ceremony went on quite a bit longer than they had prepared for, but it was also amazingly sweet and touching. Their officiant was one of those rare ones who can completely focus on being present and loving for this particular couple, this particular ceremony, and the immediate moment at hand. I loved it!

Geoff's nephew got up to read a poem he wrote, comparing Geoff to a kitten! That was a big crowd favorite!

I wanted to get a couples shot of Eric, Erika, Corinne and Geoff, but Geoff got called away for a second, so Eric just looks like he's the mack (and I don't think he minds):

Here it is! Eric gave a great toast about how Corinne and Geoff ended up together because of Eric and Erika, and then how E&E took C&G first to California for their wedding (thus planting the getting married idea seed) and then to Hawaii, where they finally decided to get married - so we've gotta a little of the shaka action going on here:

The beautiful bride and groom:

And, I mean, doesn't Geoff kinda look like a kitten here?

A moment from Eric's amazing toast:

The Foundry is a really cool venue to have a wedding in - a long, narrow brick building that used to be (you guessed it) a foundry and has been fixed up to host fun parties like this one. Corinne and Geoff mostly wanted a cocktail party vibe for their wedding, and they definitely got it - everyone seemed to have a wonderful time dancing and socializing.

Highlights included a fire pit in the courtyard (very helpful in the freezing weather!) and an amazing band... I'm not even sure what to call them, but they're the Waterfront Duo, and they're made up of a James Brown impersonator and then this regular looking white guy as backup. Totally amazing! It was a stroke of genius to get them to play the wedding! Guests loved dancing to and watching them, and the performers obviously loved what they were doing. It gave the party a lot of life!

I love this shot of Geoff smoking a congratulatory cigar in the back courtyard. That's the Queensboro bridge behind him.

They had passed and buffet hors d'oeuvres, adding to the cocktail party feeling. And the plates were decorated with lovely little sprigs of holly since the wedding was right before Christmas - very wintry.

Thank you, Corinne and Geoff! We had an amazing time in NYC, and I loved photographing your wedding!

And thank you, Eric and Erika! Let us know the next time you're in the Bay Area and we'll get drinks.

Please view the slideshow here!


Kim said...

what a cool couple! that first portrait of the bride and her veil is exquisite jessamyn!

Lisa Stein said...

Ditto on that bride, it's gorgeous and timeless! Glad you had so much fun shooting in nyc here! Looks like a great venue.

Megan Clouse said...

That image of her in her veil (6th shot down) is definitely one of your top images ever! And the composition of her sitting with her bouquet is so beautiful.
Looks like the wedding was a hoot!


Cindy said...

Gorgeous bride, dress, and flowers! Great images!

Heather said...

beautiful Jess way to use that light!

Gjerme said...

Jess - I just looked at this wedding - I love the detail shots - WOW you really put lots of images up... what a cool idea.

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Jane Photo said...

great photography!

love love love the veil and red lipstick, too

WordyDoodles said...

that bride is meant for black and white- she looks timeless and beautiful!