Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Matte Stephens makes art that I heart

Wow! I just found this guy's work on this blog, and went to his etsy shop to find this painting. It is totally making me have a crush on this guy's art, as well as his cute wife (the inspiration behind the painting), and I must have it!

It reminds me of me... is that weird? :)

(Bear in mind that this is only like the 3rd painting I made it to, and each one had me going, "ooh, I love this one. No, this one's the best! No, it's definitely this one!". I've subscribed to his blog and I'm excited to see more!

Back to editing photos - I'll be sharing some great new portrait tomorrow!

Updated as I looked at a few more awesome paintings for sale - these are not originals so they are CHEAP! My birthday isn't until August 1st, but, as I will be turning (gulp) 30, I'm figuring the more gifts, the better.

Just kidding. Kinda.

More favorites and then I swear it's back to work:

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