Tuesday, January 08, 2008

I love hearing back from my clients!

I got this recommendation from beautiful and hilarious October bride Sara through Pictage, and it totally made me grin and blush like a dork right here at my desk by myself:

"Jessamyn provided us with the most amazing photography experience we could have asked for! All of our wedding pictures were flawless and our friend's and family cannot stop talking about how gorgeous everything looked. Her wonderful personality and great sense of humor kept me calm and collected throughout the day. Thanks Jessamyn! We love you!"

WOW! Can't really get better than that, can it? It's a little hard for me to share these testimonials without feeling like I'm giving myself a public pat on the back, but at the same time, I know it's important for potential clients to hear from past clients what they can expect. I really feel confident about my work, and that I am pushing myself constantly to get creative and keep each shoot fresh. So it's wonderful to hear back that my clients are feeling the same way!

It's means an extra lot coming from Sara, since she grew up with her dad working with Greg Gorman and Herb Ritts and other iconic photographers... I knew she would be tough to please, so I'm thrilled at how happy she is with the work!

I have lots of testimonials on my website as well, and a few more here. There are ALSO recommendations on my Pictage listing... But that's probably enough tooting my own horn for today.

Thank you, Sara! I absolutely LOVED working with you (how could you not, she's gorgeous and charming as hell), and can't wait to see you in LA or next time you're up here... we're still going to do that stock shoot one of these days...

(By the way, I'm going to add Sara and Eric's wedding to my website as a sample wedding... I'm really happy with the photography, and I love looking at the colors of that sunny, beautiful fall wine country day. So watch for that soon!)

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Gjerme said...

Very Pretty Bride & Setting & Photos... Nice work!
Here's to a successful 2008!