Friday, January 25, 2008

some belated Christmas tree photos

It's totally dark, grey and rainy outside, and I have these (really late) Christmas tree photos to share... somehow that combo seems nice, and will go with some hot cocoa!

Have a lovely, snuggly weekend. I still have some discounted portrait sessions left, so give me a shout if you're interested in one!

I made these lights with faux flowers on them a few years ago.

I love them, and our unique topper!

Our funky tree was a gift from my mom one year when we didn't have a Christmas tree. It started out about 8" tall, and it has thrived with Devon and I. We don't even know what to do with it outside - now it's sitting outside next to our carport getting rained on (sad!). Anyone have somewhere to plant this lovely thing?

My parents gave us some of my childhood ornaments this season, including this adorable one of my sister as a baby (wayyyyy back in 1975, ack!), and the pink bear behind it, which was made by my great grandmother for my dad.


momnpear said...

The sister ornament is 32 years old!

The pink bear is 35 years old, made for your parents 1st christmas!

The tree is how old?
Let it get bathed in be strong and ready for next year when it can yet again be draped with your beautiful ornaments and lovely lights!

JennLink Photography said...

The one of your sister (other than including a picture) looks just like the balls my Grandmother decorated (and she taught me too). Is your family of Swiss, Austrian or German (saw the pickle) decent?

Jessamyn Harris said...

ha ha, the sister is 32 years old too! SO old! ;)
the tree is 5 or 6 years old. crazy! it needs a bigger pot, it needs to be planted in the ground! next year it will not fit into our house (okay, maybe we need a bigger house?)
Jenn - the pickle was a 2007 xmas gift from Devon's dad. While Dev does have some German heritage, it's on his mom's side, so... I think his dad just likes the pickle :) When pressed for the "Rumrill" family heritage, my FIL just says "Viking" (awesome).

The man can also write in elfish (from LOTR). I have a rad family.

My families are old school American, with some way back English-Scottish and French-Jewish in there. Mostly, though, Rhode Island, San Francisco, Boston and Alabama!

Dinea de Photo said...

These bring back memories... I love old family ornaments.

Renee Marquis said...

Just checking in on your blog and seeing what you've been doing! If you lived closer I would be up for a photo session :( But, Iam way out in Central New York area. I am heading to FL in three weeks, can't wait! Seeint we dont have any snow I'll take the beach anytime! Love your tree images!

kim and niki said...

hey Jessamyn, I have kinda been watching your progress for a while, and I just really love your style. I think your work is original and has a quiet voice. good luck in 2008!
-Kim, from kim and niki, photographers.