Sunday, January 20, 2008

The Winners!!

WOW! I knew the response to my portrait freebies would be big, but wow! I haven't even sent out my email newsletter and they are all long since snapped up. You guys are so supportive and awesome, thank you so much!

I sort of figured I would have at least until Monday before they filled up, but all five free ones were snapped up by Friday evening. So exciting!

Here are our winners!

1. the lovely Rosa and Richard - I'm so excited about doing a shoot with them, since I absolutely loved their wedding last May, and we didn't have a chance to do an engagement shoot. I was also stoked that they were FIRST to email me; thanks you two for your awesome encouragement!

2. Preston and his family - these guys are friends of friends (in Sonoma County, you pretty much always went to high school with someone's sister's cousin, or whatever) that I am excited to get to know better with their portrait shoot. Just last week a high school friend of mine mentioned something about Preston's wife, and I put two and two together and realized I met her a few times when I was 16. Small world! They have two adorable children and I am really excited about working with them.

3. Gerry and his family - Gerry is a friend (and works at our awesome local record store), and he recently married his longtime girlfriend. I'll be taking photos of the two of them, as well as Gerry's son, who I met once and remember being adorable. I'm also excited to get to know these guys better. Hooray!

4. Tatian and Tamara! These two were married wayyyy back in... was it 2003 or 4? One of my first years of shooting weddings. They were two of the best clients I could've asked for, and one of those couples who just radiate love and adoration for each other, so I am thrilled to be getting the chance to photograph the two of them with their baby (who now must be at least a few years old!).

5. My homegirl Sarah who's been living in Budapest! She just let me know that she's going to be in the Bay Area in the next couple of weeks (apparently it's still hush hush?) and I am stoked to see her and of course photograph her! I'm a little worried it will be hard to schedule (what with her being in Budapest and me here in Cali) but am confident we can get it done, so waiting list, don't hold your breath :)

So that's it for now! I'm sorry I can't give them all away (and, believe me, I did in fact consider it, before realizing how truly insane that would make me!), BUT I am still offering 10 very discounted sessions, and those are all still up for grabs (since everyone is still waiting to hear if they made the cut for the top 5.) Once again, here are the details:

For a discounted portrait session you must:
-be one of the first ten people to contact me (after the five freebies are taken)
-schedule your portrait for now through the end of March, as well as send the session fee as a retainer to hold the date
-sign model and minor releases for everyone who will be in the portrait
-pay a mere $150 for your session (a HUGE discount from my curent portrait pricing and soon to be released packages alike!)

These ten lucky clients will also be chosen on a first come, first serve basis. Scheduling is based on my availability and must take place asap to secure you a time in February or March. All sittings will be on location (in your home, favorite park, etc) and must be in the SF North Bay Area - preferably close to me in Sonoma, Marin or Napa counties (but all reasonable Bay Area requests will be considered).

The sessions will be about 1 hour long, will include 1 8x10" print of your favorite shot, and can involve up to 4 people. We can do individual portraits, family portraits, baby or maternity photos, engagement portraits... or whatever you have in mind. All images will be uploaded to for viewing and purchasing, and you can always buy prints or albums in addition to the session.

These ten spots should also fill up pretty quickly, so let me know if you're interested! I do have a waiting list going in case any of the free five don't work out for scheduling reasons, and (fingers crossed) if all goes well, I plan to run this special again later in the year. So keep checking back on the blog, and THANK YOU to everyone for participating! :)

It's going to be a busy, and rewarding, couple of months.

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WordyDoodles aka PacificMod said...

This is awesome!! Well, if you didn't see my email, I'd love to put Derek, Paloma and me in line for a discounted session. We still look at our engagement photos everyday with so much happiness. Your work is amazing.