Wednesday, January 02, 2008

a little NES flashback

As a quick day-ending note, I wanted to share this (which I found on Geekologie, for I am a geek. I also recently subscribed myself to Wired under the guise of getting it for Devon and I can't help but devour every issue!):

I think this is the best thing I've seen all year (heh heh)! Dev and I recently acquired my (and my siblings') childhood NES (original / 8 bit, yeah!) and Sega Genesis systems. So awesome! I've been having the most fun with Dr. Mario and Tetris, but we really need to get a Super Mario 3 cartridge that works, and some other stuff like this and this.

Here's another super awesome amazing video:

I'm also really hoping to get a Playstation so we can play Super Puzzle Fighter II... and then there's this "Wii" thing I've heard people talk about. First I gotta get past 1992 with the games...

First, though, I've gotta find me some Adventure Island II and Little Nemo for the NES.

Oh, and Ducktales!!

OK, back to work.


Maggie & Josh said...

Thanks for the awesome videos!!! They where hilarious : ) Right on

Megan Clouse said...

If I was ever to enter rehab for an addiction it would be for Tetris. I used to be completely obsessed with the game and not surprisingly (after countless hours) quite good. I literally had to remove it from my life
The human Tetris video is hysterical!
Can I play??


JennLink said...

OH MY GOSH! Everyone I know gives me a blank stare when I say my favorite game is 'Super Puzzle Fighter 2'! Yay for another fan, I have it on my gameboy!