Thursday, January 03, 2008

Santa Rosa to SLO to Morro Bay to Ventura to Orange County, October 2007

Since it's pouring and grey outside, I thought it would be a great time to think about sunnier days, and finally share some of the photos from our road trip to Orange County by way of San Luis Obispo!

A few months ago, Devon and I celebrated his birthday, belatedly, by taking a road trip to, first, our friend Nicole's wedding, and, secondly, to Disneyland! If you know us at all, you know that it was really a present to ME to be able to go to Dland (but my birthday's in August, and who wants to get during the busiest, hottest months?!). But Devon was a great sport, and it was a wonderful chance for us to just connect, explore, and have fun.

The first day we got up early and drove to a rural part of San Luis Obispo County for the wedding, which was lovely and sweet. On-site camping was available, but since Dev and I are old and boring, we had gotten a hotel room in nearby(ish) Morro Bay for the night, which was a nice teeny seaside town neither of us had ever been to before. We had fun wandering around, looking for dinner and smelling the salt air.

Here's Devon trying out his birthday laptop - he twists his hair when he's focusing, and it kinda booms out like this:

In the morning we went down to the beach and took in the sights.

Next we wandered along the PCH to Santa Barbara (where traffic was terrible) and down to LA. We stopped in Ventura, which was a nice last fresh breath before we hit the valley. This park/ campground was strange - completely abandoned, though it was a Sunday, and right next to the freeway. I liked how desolate it looked.

Next we hit the LA traffic - pretty bad stuff. Luckily there was a gorgeous sunset (thanks to the smog and the recent wildfires).

And, finally to Orange County. We had originally intended to visit Devon's sister, who moved to Costa Mesa in September, and go with her and her boyfriend to Disneyland since their birthdays are also near that time. However, at the last minute, Alyssa had to (got to!) travel to somewhere fabulous for her job (it was Europe, or maybe the Caribbean... I forget), so we had a quick dinner with her boyfriend, Brian, and checked in to our hotel.

The next morning we hit Disneyland right as it opened! I wanted to stay until the end but even with the shortened fall hours, we only made it until 7 pm or so. Phew! I didn't take a lot of photos cause I was too busy having SO much fun - I love Disneyland, even though it was kind of nightmarishly crowded. The key is to go on a rainy February Wednesday.

I never understand why people want to go on Autopia after driving on the 405/ 101 in LA County...

This supremely "show" was one of the highlights of our trip - Honda's Asimo robot of the future in Tomorrowland. It was really, really unimpressive looking. I mean, we knew it was impressive, in that it can do humany things most robots can't do... but it just looked boring. It was also painfully scripted and fake, and I just felt horrible for the actor who has to do this several times a day.

Devon's reaction shot:

It is maybe one of my worst nightmares to have a humanoid robot following me - combine it with the robot making fun of you and I'm totally freaked out!

Though, to be honest, the dancing was probably worse!

Here, see for yourselves:


Maggie & Josh said...

I totally would of had the same reaction. I don't think I could have lasted through the show. You showed great patience : ) Other than that it looks like a great time!

Liz said...

That robot totally creeps me out. Haven't they ever seen 2001? Or The Terminator? Or any other movies about how we create artificial intelligence and it takes over the world? I want to break into their lab and destroy Asimo before he becomes self aware.