Thursday, January 24, 2008

snippetandink blog and more inspiration!

A photographer friend forwarded me the link to this blog post, which showcases one of my favorite 2007 shots (from Alex and Rich's wedding in a color/ design/ inspiration board, yay!

Then, clicking through the rest of the lovely blog, I found a ton of inspiration, color, and... two more photos of mine on boards! :)

Click on the photo to be forwarded to the board she came up with:

From Ana and Nick's wedding - love that tie!

From Lisa and Kirk's 2004 wedding - this is apparently a traditional Italian wedding cake, covered in fruit and leaves, and everyone LOVES the style of this cake!

I am so enjoying finding all of these gorgeous design (and, specifically, wedding design) blogs! These women have wonderful eyes for color, simplicity, utilitarianism, and art. I posted some on my inspiration blog the other day, but really you should just start clicking through all of these ladies' pages to check out their favorites... that's a great way to kill an hour (or several)!

Another new favorite for me is simply breakfast. This is a great way to remember to eat something each morning, that it can be beautiful and nutritious and doesn't have to be totally fancy to do so. Plus the photography is just gorgeous!


Elizabeth Benson said...

I love your images, the one with the shoes is beautiful and fun.

j said...

Jessamyn.. your style is so great. so unique. I really like your work.

Mary said...

cool! looks like they had fun colors! love those shoes and the tie/shirt combo!